Brussel Sprouts & Radicchio Salad – 2016 Red Carpet Menu for Oscar®

This Oscar® Week is flying by! We’re ready for a crunchy dish for our 2016 Red Carpet Menu for Oscar®!!  Our salad is based on the movie, “SPOTLIGHT”… it’s “SPROUTLIGHT”!

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Our 2016 Red Carpet Menu is Here!

I am very proud to announce of the 2016 Red Carpet Menu! This is going to be a rich and decadent meal. I thought I had it done on Friday,

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2016 Oscar® Nominations Announced!

It’s that time of year again… OSCAR NOMINATIONS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED! The menu has already begun but I’d like your help. Win a copy of our book, KitchAnnette™ Red Carpet

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