Oscar Menu 2014: for Gravity…

It’s Baklavity! It seems so complex to create the balance of a rich walnut-y honey filling wrapped in weightless phyllo dough but it’s not! Until 3/3, the book is 10%

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Our 2014 Menu: for Captain Phillips…

It’s Cup’d In Phyll-Ups! The other great appetizer for this year’s menu, it’s mini phyllo cups filled with fresh lobster salad. The velvety lobster with the crunch of the phyllo…

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KitchAnnette’s 2014 Oscar® Menu is here!

(Cue trumpets blaring) I am pleased to announce the KitchAnnette 2014 Oscar® Menu! I am also amazed to share that this is my 20th year doing this – 20 YEARS!

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