Oscar® Day! The 2018 Red Carpet Menu!

The world has been on fast forward since the 2018 Oscar® nominations were announced. I had the menu named in RECORD TIME – less than 48 hours – and then

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Red Pepper, Artichoke, & Olive Flatbreads – 2018 Red Carpet Menu for Oscar®

It’s that time of year again! My marathon Oscar® insanity has been going on for a couple of weeks… time completely got away from me! But the recipes are ready

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Braised Fennel & Goat Cheese Tarte Tatin – 2017 Red Carpet Menu for Oscar®

One of the appetizers for the 2017 Red Carpet Menu for Oscar® is here! Creating a dish to honor Fences was the most difficult of the season. What was it

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The Brie of Life & HUGOat Cheese Salad

When preparing any meal with several components, it’s really smart to have a couple of them be “no brainers”. For Oscar’s tomorrow, we are having two “no brainers” that I

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Wide Open Grilled Cheese

Ohhh, today in NY has been a bit dreary. Cool, damp, bone-chilling. I always have a love for any kind of weather because it has such influence over a day. Some

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