Have a BALL with Struffoli!

It’s been a baking, working, crazy week! But we’re finally at the weekend, which is being capped off this year with Christmas Eve! Wooooo hooooo! And there’s still time to

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Tarting It Up with Mini Fruit Tart Cookies!

Ahhh tarts. Fruity concoctions of jams, preserves, butters on a bed of delicious sweet dough. Take them down a size and you’ve got these cookies! Bite-sized delights that, for me,

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RAISIN’ the Roof for Cinnamon Raisin Rugelach!

  We are DEEP into the holiday season of 2017. Where has the time gone? It’s FLYING by! It’s already 3 weeks since we chatted. I hope you had a

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The Quintessential Christmas Fruit Cake! No… A GOOD One!

We’ve all been fooled into believing that a Christmas Fruit Cake need be a brick of sickeningly sweet & sticky cake and fruit. Not so!! Although we’ve shared this recipe

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Not Your Grandma’s Fruit Cake

Ho ho ho! We’re almost to the moment of truth – Christmas Eve! I admit, I like to experience true hustle and bustle so I’ve only started and finished my prep

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It’s “Kookie” Time! Kitch-Anginettes!

It’s that time of year… Cookie Time!!!! Nothing says Christmas to us like the array of “baked only at Christmastime” delectable baked treats. And nothing says “I love you” like

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