Oscar® Day! The 2018 Red Carpet Menu!

The world has been on fast forward since the 2018 Oscar® nominations were announced. I had the menu named in RECORD TIME – less than 48 hours – and then

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Almond Custard Crostata with Peaches Flambé – 2018 Red Carpet Menu for Oscar®

When I think of “Call Me By Your Name”, I “feel” the sun… taste fresh stone fruit right off the tree… dining al fresco… hear ’80’s music… ahhhh… It’s a

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Whatta Nut: Almond

The weather has been really astounding here in the NYC area and that has inspired my every meal. “Fresh” is the only word for all of them. Besides daily indulgences of JUICE

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Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut!

I love this time of year because it motivates me to get creative in the kitchen and spend time making fun things with my kids. Besides making cookies, cakes, and

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