Apple Brie Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing – 2020 Red Carpet Menu for Oscar®!


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It’s the 2020 Red Carpet Menu for Oscars®! For Ford v Ferrari, it’s Fruit v Ferrabrie! 

The first thing to know is that I broke 2 fingers (right ring and pinky fingers – glad I’m a proud lefty!) a few days after shooting all the dishes so video production is delayed. I’ll insert them as I go. But you’ll see these recipes are fabulously simple! Now let’s get to it!


I love Matt Damon and Christian Bale. And that’s what made the movie for me! Race car driving isn’t my thing usually but this was a fun ride! 

If it wasn’t for my friend Andy Luke and his salad suggestion, I don’t know how this would have developed. We’ve got fresh bright apple v rich decadent brie. And we’ve got sweet golden honey v tangy spicy mustard! Instead of them going in circles to lead the flavor race, they make it across the finish line together.


We worked together to win! Ha! But the real winner is you! An amazing salad, Ready, set… GO!




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